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Hey, Class of 2017!

If I have learned anything in all my years of doing business, it is that planning is key and doing stuff early benefits everyone. When you book ahead, you receive $50 off of sitting fees!

Have plenty of time to plan.

With so much time between now and spring when I begin to shoot with seniors, it will allow you and me to partner and scout the best locations, plan the best outfits and pin the best inspiration Pinterest has to offer so we are READY when your big day comes.

Don't worry about your yearbook deadline.

Trust me...those looming deadlines you are faced with your senior year are plenty. Don't let something as simple as a photo add to the stress! The sooner you get your session booked, the sooner you have your pictures and you'll be ready to submit by Fall! It is that simple!

A senior portrait experience you'll remember.

One of the most asked questions I get from grads is "How do I pose?" You don't have to be a model! I will guide you and direct you through every moment of our shoot together and you will get comfortable super quickly so you can just focus on having a blast! Best thing is, you'll look like a model when I'm done with you!

Take the first step and fill out the form to the right. I will get in touch with you to set up a free consultation!


- Kristin