Pre-shoot accessibility.

Ahead of Shoot Day, I love to start the conversation around you, your family, your goals, ideas and of course, wardrobe! This can be done as an ongoing conversation via email or text, a single phone call or even an in-person meeting, which I do for all of my senior portrait clients. You have the option when you hire me for all other types of portraiture also. Whichever route you go, I will hold your hand through the entire process beginning to end.

Many of my clients will go on shopping trips for their outfits and text me pictures, like the one to the right. This is a great way for me to help you out with color coordination, give feedback and help you select the perfect ensembles for your shoot!

getting down and dirty.

To accomplish this...

To accomplish this... must often do this. :) must often do this. :)

I play with angles in all my work and that often means I sacrifice my clothing for the perfect shot. When I'm shooting with kiddos, getting down to their level is also a tactic for developing trust between photog and kid. If I'm shooting something extra creative, changing my angle adds to the impact of the final image. As you might imagine, I have many a pair of pants and shorts that have worn out knees and butts!

A little bit of gentle guidance.

The most common thread with any person preparing to have portraits done is the nervousness about what to do in front of the camera. When I tell people that is the last thing they need to worry about, they are often very surprised. But it's true. With a good photographer, you shouldn't have to know how to model. It is the job of the photographer to guide her subjects and prepare them ahead of time to alleviate the nerves so their images turn out as natural and relaxed as possible. I'll be honest, I'm a total dork behind the camera and my clients are very quickly put at ease by my goofy demeanor.

In addition to the relaxation part, I always prep parents ahead of a family shoot that they will be "passing the torch" to me during our time together. On shoot day, I break the ice with the kids by playfully telling them that "I'm the boss of everybody today, including Mommy and Daddy!" and they usually think that is pretty hilarious. But in all seriousness, this allows me to develop trust with your kids directly. If Mom and Dad are constantly telling their kids to "listen to Kristin", what do you think they will do? Not listen at all! It's just the laws of nature.

Giving a talented young dancer a lesson in chin position.

Giving a talented young dancer a lesson in chin position.

The resulting headshot.

The resulting headshot.

streamlined viewing & ordering.

My philosophy is quality over quantity. I don't overshoot and I don't overwhelm you with too many choices. When we're done with your shoot, the next step is scheduling a viewing/ordering session. 90% of the time, these are done within 48 hours of your shoot and over the phone. I take you through your images three times. The first time to simply view and enjoy, a second time to start initial culling, and a third time to finalize your choices. The images you see during your viewing are generally straight out of camera and have undergone very minimal color correction, if any at all. That way the only ones I have to process are the ones that you want so you get your images quicker.

(Thanks to Kristin Grover and Kimi Guichard for snagging the pics of me at work!)