Session Lesson #4,397: Don't Wear Boots with Holes in Them.

North Bend is a river town. When you live in a river town, it means gorgeous beach front spots peppered throughout. Being local means knowing how to access said spots. When Emma showed me some examples of shots she wanted, I knew I'd need to dust off the old hip waders to capture them. Oh, wait. I don't own hip waders. I own these amazing designer rain boots that I got during a Zulily sale years ago. We'll come back to that.

On went my boots and into the water we went. Mind you, it's late September. The river is cold in the summer. Do some math or just stick your toe in and you'll see where I'm going with this.

Emma was a trooper, we got the shots we wanted, all is good! Right? Read on.


Let's go back to my boots, shall we? Operative phrase: designer. That means a wicked cute embellishment on the back of them that includes grommets and black ribbon lacing. Did I say grommets? Otherwise known as fancy holes. Yeah. I'm about 10 inches into the river and the river starts entering my boots. Do I freak? Maybe a little. Do I stop? No. No I don't. Emma is in the water barefoot so I have no excuses. Just boots full of water and some really amazing shots of Emma. As pictured at the end of this post. I also have this to commemorate my absent-minded lack of planning:

So the moral of the story is do what you have to do to get amazing shots. Just remember to wear properly-sealed boots if it involves getting into the water.

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