Dear Clients: I understand the struggle.

Okay, so, last week, I had the rare opportunity to be in front of the camera for my studio manager, Kristin Grover. That’s right, it’s out, everybody. I’m calling her my studio manager. She keeps me honest and has been helping me A TON. Someday, I’ll pay her regularly with real money. In the meantime, I am making her do my dirty work in exchange for schooling her in absolutely everything. And she's come to be affectionately known as G. For your future reference.

Truth be told, I am a nightmare in front of the camera: high-maintenance, awkward, not really serious about getting a decent shot of myself. This is just a manifestation of anxiety. The same anxiety you feel when I take your picture. For a photographer, this translates into a challenging situation of capturing sellable images of a pain-in-the-ass client. (This isn’t to say all clients are a pain in the ass. No, I’m part of a rare demographic and in my career as a photographer, I have been lucky enough not to encounter a client nearly as obnoxious as myself. I’m sorry, G.)

That being said, it is our job as photographers to set the tone for the shoot, make our clients as comfortable as possible by directing them, encouraging them, being an idiot behind the camera and letting them know that you are human and have hang-ups and insecurities, too. 

One of the best ways to understand the other side of the camera better is by getting regular pictures of yourself! So here is me and all my hang-ups in these expertly captured outtakes.

Thanks, G!

Top left:  Frog Awaiting Fly  Top Right:  Total Uncertainty  Bottom Left:  Extreme Horror  Bottom Right:  Classic Leapfrog. You're welcome.

Top left: Frog Awaiting Fly Top Right: Total Uncertainty Bottom Left: Extreme Horror Bottom Right: Classic Leapfrog. You're welcome.