Award-Winning Youth Dancer Headshots

I had the privilege of shooting with some exceptionally talented, young dancers recently. It was so many things for me. Mainly, it was an honor to spend some time watching the athleticism required to express themselves artistically through movement.

As an artist of many mediums, it has always frustrated me beyond measure that dance was the one artform I could never master. It was incredible to watch the energy and passion with which these kids moved and to freeze it on camera was such a blast. To be able to just bottle that feeling up and let it explode into a leap or twist is something that I feel inside of my heart when I watch it. Nothing moves me quite like dance does. Music is definitely high on the list but I think that comes with the package that encompasses what creative movement is about.

Huge shoutout to Ignite Dance & Yoga for cultivating these kids and helping them develop in such a positive, encouraging environment and from some of the best teaching staff I've ever observed!